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Through the option of refurbishment, our skilled engineers have saved our clients between £1,000 and £500,000 in replacement window and door costs. It can take between 50 - 80 years of annual servicing before you cover the cost of their replacement.


From the replacement of a handle to a complete gear change, from a clean up to a complete colour change, our services are aimed at keeping the windows and doors in the original condition the manufacturer intended.

Window and door servicing in London and South East England

  • Cleaning of rebate, drainage and rubber gaskets

  • Lubricating all metal to metal moving parts

  • Tightening of all accessible screws and gearing

  • Where necessary, preparing a report detailing all broken, missing and worn parts, along with costs to carry out additional window works

CWD's window and door servicing covers:

For professional window and door

   refurbishment, call CWD on


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